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We focus on the following areas to best serve our clients. If you need assistance in a legal matter that isn’t listed below, please contact our office and we’ll be glad to refer you to a capable attorney.

Mediation is a voluntary process that assists families in resolving child custody and parenting time disputes as well as financial support and property issues in dissolution and post-decree matters.  This is a confidential process that allows people to hear and consider settlement options that are best for their individual situations. 

Arbitration is a voluntary process in which individuals choose their own decision maker, other than a judge.  It is a private process and the parties decide whether the decision will be binding or non-binding.  The parties generally are able to choose the level of formality of the hearing and what information may be submitted. 

Early Neutral Evaluation (SENE or FENE)
Early Neutral Evaluation is a confidential process in which specially trained professionals work as impartial facilitators to evaluate and make non-binding recommendations about custody and parenting time and/or support and property issues based on the information that the parties provide.

Elder Care Mediation
As our parents and other family members age, issues may arise in regard to their health or financial concerns.  These issues may include where a family member should live, their medical treatment, or end of life decisions.  It may also include financial matters that arise for an elderly family member.

When parents are unable to resolve custody and/or parenting time issues and need additional help, Anne is experienced in providing the following evaluative services.

If you are need of legal representation for

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