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What is mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary process that assists families in resolving child custody and parenting time disputes as well as financial support and property issues in dissolution and post-decree matters.  This is a confidential process that allows people to hear and consider settlement options that are best for their individual situations.  

Mediation can occur at any time in a litigation process, often even before any court action has commenced.  The decision-makers are the parties themselves who are most able to know what is in their own best interests.

The mediator remains neutral and is the facilitator between the parties, keeping the discussions on track and allowing each party to be heard.  The mediator assists the parties in sorting through potential resolution and finding those resolutions that will best work for the family.

Child Inclusive Mediation.  Our office is also able to provide Child Inclusive Mediation.  This type of mediation consists of meeting with a child separately and providing feedback to parents as to the thoughts of the child(ren) when parents are mediating custody and parenting time issues and wish to provide a supportive environment in which the child can feel understood without pressure to make decisions or promises of change.  Feedback is then provided to the parents.

Mediation sessions are scheduled for three hour time blocks unless agreed upon otherwise. 

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