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AnneTuttlePhoto3.jpgEarly Neutral Evaluation (SENE or FENE)

What is early neutral evaluation?

Early Neutral Evaluation is a confidential process in which specially trained professionals work as impartial facilitators to evaluate and make non-binding recommendations about custody and parenting time and/or support and property issues based on the information that the parties provide.

Social Early Neutral Evaluations (SENEs) deal with custody and parenting time issues.  Parents meet with a male-female team of professionals who also are generally qualified to conduct more extensive custody and parenting time evaluations.  Parents provide information to the team, and in return, the team provides feedback to the parents in regard to what they may expect based on Minnesota custody and parenting time laws.  The process is confidential and provides the parties with information that allows them to make decisions that are best for their children.

Financial Early Neutral Evaluations (FENEs) deal with support and property issues.  A trained professional meets with the parties in regard to these issues and suggests possible resolution based on Minnesota law.

The Early Neutral Evaluation process is non-binding unless the parties choose to make it binding.  

Early Neutral Evaluation sessions are scheduled for three hour time blocks unless agreed upon otherwise.  

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